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 عملاق الحمايه الاشهر عالميا Norton 2012 Final في اخر اصدار بنسختيه الانتي فيرس & الانترنت سيكورتي :: علي اكثر من سيرفر مباشر

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مُساهمةموضوع: عملاق الحمايه الاشهر عالميا Norton 2012 Final في اخر اصدار بنسختيه الانتي فيرس & الانترنت سيكورتي :: علي اكثر من سيرفر مباشر   الثلاثاء 13 سبتمبر 2011, 4:53 pm

Norton AntiVirus 2012 Final
Norton Internet Security 2012 Final

برنامج الحمايه الاشهر والاكثر استخداما في العالم والمعروف بين مستخدمي برامج الانتي فيرس بقوته وحفاظه علي نظام ضد الفيروسات وملفات التجسس والتروجونات وهو ايضا مراقب قوي لكا مداخل ومخارج الجهاز من اتصال بالانترنت وغيره كما انه يمثل فاير وول عالي الجوده لكل ملفات النظام وهو الاشمل علي الاطلاق ويستحق التجربه


Symantec's Norton AntiVirus 2012 - Winning protection against viruses, spyware, and other malicious threats! Heuristically detects Spyware threats, detects blocks Internet worm attacks, and protects email.
Norton AntiVirus blocks viruses and spyware with advanced protection. It helps protect your entire computer by stopping viruses, spyware, and other security risks. Norton AntiVirus works in the background so you can surf the Internet, read the news, play games, and download software or music without disruption. It also scans and cleans all email and instant messaging (IM) attachments, preventing you from receiving viruses, or spreading them to others. With set-it and forget-it functionality, Norton AntiVirus checks for updates continuously and automatically blocks new and emerging threats from getting on your system. In addition to protection updates, Norton AntiVirus provides new product features as
available throughout your service subscription


Intelligent Threat Protection
• NEW! Analyzes downloads, files and applications and tells you if they can be trusted before you install and use them.
• IMPROVED! Norton Protection System uses multiple layers of security that work together to proactively block attacks and detect and remove threats traditional virus scanning alone can’t stop.
• IMPROVED! Vulnerability Protection guards security holes in your operating system, applications, browsers and browser plug-ins.
• IMPROVED! Detects and gets rid of even the hardest to find Internet Explorer and Firefox cookies.
• IMPROVED! Norton Bootable Recovery Tool repairs, restores and boots severely infected, unbootable PCs.
• Automatically scan emails and IMs for threats.
• Finds and eliminates bots to prevent hackers from taking over your PC.
• Intrusion prevention technologies prevent fast-spreading Internet worms from getting on to your PC.
Engineered for Speed
• IMPROVED! Proven fastest, lightest antivirus solution for protection that won’t slow you down, get in your way, or swallow up system resources.*
• IMPROVED! Norton Insight scans only files at risk for fewer, shorter scans and the fastest scanning times in the industry.
• Uses less memory than any other antivirus solution. *
• Won’t slow you down when you download, copy, or edit files, or install applications.
Combats today’s rapid-fire attacks
• NEW! Norton Insight Network uses Symantec’s global security network to provide real-time proactive protection from the latest-breaking threats.
• NEW! SONAR 2 (Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response) uses real-time online intelligence and proactive monitoring to detect and stop new threats.
Norton Pulse Updates provide rapid mini security updates every 5 to 15 minutes for up-to-the-minute local protection against the latest threats.
Norton Bootable Recovery Tool provides a deep level of scanning and cleaning for heavily infected PCs.
Provides info on threats, downloads and files
• NEW! Norton Download Insight warns you of dangerous downloads before you install and use them.
• NEW! Norton Threat Insight tells you if threats were detected, what actions threats attempted to perform on your system, and how Norton AntiVirus eliminated those threats.
• NEW! Norton File Insight tells you where files and applications came from, if they’re trusted, and if they may be impacting your PC’s speed.
• Tells you which application processes currently running on your PC are safe and which are at risk.
Helps keep your PC running at top speed
• NEW! Helps you improve and maintain PC and application performance.
• NEW! Automatic and on-demand application optimization improves application performance.
• NEW! Norton System Insight gives you an overview of recent events on your PC such as installs, downloads, scans, and detected threats, so you can see how they may be impacting your PC’s performance.
• NEW! Norton System Insight resource usage graphs help you pinpoint what’s causing your PC to slow down.
• NEW! Tells you how files and applications impact your system’s performance by monitoring their CPU and memory usage on your PC.
Protection without disruption
• NEW! Automatically delays product updates and other tasks if you’re watching TV or burning CDs/DVDs.
• NEW! Power Saver Settings help extend portable PC battery life by putting off power-intensive activities until your computer is plugged in.
• Smart Scheduler conducts scans and other tasks only when your PC is idle.
• Automatically switches to Silent Mode (no alerts, scans or updates) when you watch movies or play games in full-screen mode.

Internet Security : 104 Mb
AntiVirus : 97 Mb

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